Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update 3 Now Available, Revealing Close Quarters Maps

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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer update 3 is now live and available for download.  The update addresses bunch of bugs and apllies fixes and tweaks.  The complete detailed list can be found here.

The patch is not available on all platforms and countires at the monemt.  Currently, its available on only Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Its also been reported that some users are not being notified of the update upon bootup of the console.  If that’s the case for you then one other way to download the patch is through in-game store menu option.

If you bought Battlefield 3 Premium then this patch is mandatory.  If you don’t want to buy Premium, then you still need to download and install this patch to access multiplayer.

The Xbox 360 version of patch is around 2.28 GB in size, while PS3 version is around 1.4 GB.

The all four Close Quarters maps are also revealed in this patch, posted by a Redditor named striker035.  Close Quarters includes Operation 925 and Scrapmetal in addition to already revealed Donya Fortress, Ziba Tower and Donya Fortress.

Close Quarters Maps Revealed

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