How To Make Battlefield 3 Look Better

A user on Reddit, HydroRage , has written some instructions on how to make Battlefield 3 look better than it already is, many users on Reddit feel as if the maps are too watered down or depressing, and this is how to fix that.

Since there has been a revival of comparison images that are colourful and dull, I’ve decided to make a guide about how to improve graphics and end this comparison once and for all 😛

In this guide, it will show you how to improve colours considerbly

1) Firstly Battlefield 3 Colours speak for itself are incredibly dull as shown here :

2) Secondly you would want something like this as shown here:

This is how you do it in no particular order:

For NVIDIA cards,

  • Go to your control panel and go to Adjust desktop color settings
  • Move the tab in Digital Vibrance towards, ideally, 100% or any other you fill comfortable with.

For AMD cards (correct me if I’m wrong),

  • Go to My Digital Flat-Panels and click on Display Color and adjust the saturation bar.


Download the mostly talked about FXAA Injector ( from here:

  • Put them in the Battlefield 3 main folder
  • However this is not enough. Go into the injFX_Settings.h file and edit with Notepad (or better Notepad++) and change the saturation under tonemap (scroll or find with Crtl+F) and change that to 1.5-2.0

Highly recommended – I have experimented with different settings and numbers for the best possible look (I just realised it was way better)

If you did it correctly than you would ideally have something like this:

My graphical settings: EDIT: yumcax convinced me to do this Also, psychological problems made me put AA Post on High although it isn’t necessary.


So go ahead and try this and tell us in the comments how it looks.


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